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Foundation Scholarships



Advantages of helping people include you being a good example for your children, family, and friends, and you having a direct impact on the trajectory of the lives of a lot of people.


Nurse And Patient



CQCH 2024 Foundation Scholarships Support Healthcare Careers.

Copper Queen Community Hospital Foundation believes that working together with the communities we serve will continue to deliver quality healthcare close to home. One way the Foundation works to promote quality healthcare is by awarding scholarships to future/current students.


The CQCH Foundation works directly with Cochise College to give 5 $1000 awards to Nursing students through the Brooks Scholarship each year. Our 2023 recipients were:

  • Adilene Yocupicio

  • Hassan Sowid

  • Michael Davis

  • Paige Curry

  • BreAn Harper

**Please note that these scholarships are NOT for Nursing students**

2024 Scholarship Applications

Open - Friday 2 February 2024

Close - Friday 3 May 2024

The James J. Dickson Scholarship

The James J. Dickson scholarship provides 4 student scholarship awards of $1250 per year. Three scholarships are awarded to students pursuing Healthcare studies. The remaining scholarship is awarded to students pursuing degrees in Business Administration, Finance, Maintenance, Culinary Arts, Information Technology or any field of study related to healthcare. Students must be enrolled at or plan to enroll at Cochise College. Our 2023 James J. Dickson Scholarship recipients were:

  • Megan Marie Macias-Autz

  • Brianna Elias

  • Laritza Martinez

  • Victoria Rojas


The CQCH Foundation Scholarship
The Copper Queen Community Hospital Foundation has 3 $2500 scholarships available for local students planning careers in healthcare. Students can be pursuing education wherever they choose and are not limited to a particular institution. Our 2023 CQCH Foundation Scholarship recipients were:

  • Hayden Crouch

  • Sarah Earnest

  • Miranda Medlen-Ursell

  • Rubi Luinstra

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